Pharmaceutical Warehouse Installs GeneSysWeb Temperature Monitoring Solution

Pharmaceutical warehouse

Pharmaceutical Warehouse Installs GeneSysWeb Temperature Monitoring Solution to meet MHRA Guidelines and Prevent Loss of Stock

Pharmaceutical company Crest Medical have installed the GeneSysWeb Temperature Monitoring Solution at their Warrington site.

Crest medical is a privately owned and managed company with over 40 years experience, plus they are a Royal Warrant Holder. Crest Medical employs over 105 people and is a suppler to the NHS.

Its imperative that Crest Medical store products and equipment in controlled environments in their pharmaceutical warehouse, if not this can lead to loss of stock, which can disastrous.

The GeneSysWeb Temperature Monitoring Solution allows Crest Medical to constantly monitor temperatures across the warehouse including fridges and freezers. GeneSysWeb provides live and historical temperature reports with alarms to allow remedial actions to be taken to protect stock.

Working with appointed Responsible Person Pauline Caddick and their previous mapping reports, we installed the sensors in the areas needed to give them piece of mind that every area of the site was covered.

Having the GeneSysWeb medical temperature monitoring system also helps them be complaint with the MHRA Standards they must follow.

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What does the MHRA say about Temperature Mapping and Monitoring?

An initial temperature mapping exercise should be carried out on the storage area before use, under representative conditions.

Temperature monitoring equipment should be located according to the results of the mapping exercise, ensuring that monitoring devices are positioned in the areas that experience the extremes of fluctuations.

The mapping exercise should be repeated according to the results of a risk assessment exercise or whenever significant modifications are made to the facility or the temperature controlling equipment.”

GDP Guidelines Chapter 3.2.1
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Who are the MHRA?

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency regulates medicines, medical devices and blood components for transfusion in the UK. Recognised globally as an authority in its field, the agency plays a leading role in protecting and improving public health and supports innovation through scientific research and development. To find out more Click Here





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