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Using GeneSysGM for Temperature and CO2 Monitoring

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CO₂ monitoring is not just about fossil fuels and their effect on our atmosphere. Poorly ventilated areas can adversely affect general well-being, comfort and performance in the workplace.

Why is a CO₂ Monitoring System Important?

Along with temperature control, a CO₂ monitoring system is imperative to establishing more comfortable, efficient, and productive environments. Although the gas cannot be observed and is virtually undetectable, CO₂ does influence our performance and well-being. A high CO₂ level often results in discomfort, headaches and diminished concentration. Additionally, prolonged stays in areas with high CO₂ concentration may eventually cause Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and allergies.

Each breath an individual takes releases CO₂ into the atmosphere. The more bodies within a room, the higher the levels of CO₂ within that area. High levels of CO₂ can increase very quickly in poorly ventilated rooms, especially in the winter when windows tend to remain closed to prevent heat loss. It is essential in shared spaces with limited spaces, such as busy offices and classrooms.

It has also been proven to negatively impact decision-making and cognition, decreasing staff productivity and increasing undesirable mistakes which may affect your business.


The Advantages of an Air Quality Monitoring System

ADM provide a complete air quality monitoring system for workplaces such as;

  • Care homes
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

The Gen-CO₂/2/5 sensor is a wireless CO₂ and temperature sensor designed for permanent indoor monitoring of the CO₂ level and temperature. A bespoke remote monitoring system can provide instant real-time data allowing you to take immediate action where necessary. Working with a temperature monitoring system can provide you with the information required to offer an optimum working environment for your staff. Monitoring and improving your CO₂ levels can increase productivity, satisfaction and comfort, allowing your team to work at their best.


Improve Your Workplace Efficiency

The ADM GeneSysWeb Monitoring System utilises combined CO₂ and temperature sensors. It provides a simple CO₂ and ambient temperature monitoring solution in many environments, from schools, office buildings, care homes and hospitals, to conference facilities, museums, indoor agricultural, storage, archives and homes. The sensor features a wireless data transfer and battery operation to prevent unnecessary wires to power sources, offering flexibility in many locations.

The system provides real-time data and alarm generation – consequently, should levels be breached, instant decisions can be made regarding corrective safety actions or corrective measures.

While implementing a CO₂ monitoring system, you could further improve your workplace efficiency by combining it with a remote facility monitoring system. Combining the two bespoke programmes can assist you in understanding your staff working patterns and take additional actions to reduce energy bills and usage. In addition, your business will see improved efficiency in its carbon footprint and the work environment.

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