GeneSys™ Applications and Components

BluProbe – our wireless food temperature monitoring probe

The new ADM BluProbe combines the latest Bluetooth® wireless technology with the high accuracy required for today’s high standards. A wireless probe for food temperature monitoring – simply connect to your host device (Android Tablet), probe the item to be measured and press the button to securely transmit your temperature data via a secure connection of up to 50 metres. 

The casing is washable and includes ‘Biomaster’ additive that reduces bacterial growth and the ergonomic rubber seal minimises the risk of the ingress of water, dust or food. As well as being waterproof to IP66/67, it is still ‘probably’ the fastest reading contact thermometer on the market today. The true temperature of a product can be tested in just three seconds.

The ADM BluProbe incorporates a reduced tip, stainless steel, penetration probe (Ø3.3 x 110 mm) that conveniently folds back through 180° into the side of the instrument when not in use. Each ADM BluProbe is supplied with a FREE traceable certificate of calibration.

ADM BluProbe is part of the ADM GeneSysWeb system, with 3 on line modules which:

  • Automate the time-consuming delivery process (save hours per week)
  • Provides temperature sampling for pre-served cooked food, salad bars and more.
  • A complete HACCP plan adapted to your specific requirements if required.
  • Streamlines all delivery, sampling and HACCP tasks into one web portal.
  • Eliminates manual temperature monitoring & paperwork.
  • Summary reports for quick analysis of daily, weekly and monthly tasks.
  • Significant saving in both time spent and labour costs.


Range: -49.9 to 299.9°C
Resolution: 0.1 °C via remote device
Accuracy: ±0.4°C (-49.9 to 199.9 °C) otherwise ±1 °C
Bluetooth module Bluetooth LE
Battery: 1.5-volt AAA
Battery life: 1000 hours
Sensor type: K thermocouple
Dimensions: 19 x 50 x 157 mm
Weight: 112 grams
Certification: FREE traceable calibration certificate


Hospitality system components 

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