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Information on the GeneSysWeb Server Room Temperature Monitoring System

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From server rooms, office spaces and the staff canteen, we can provide wireless monitoring of your building to provide a safe and comfortable workplace for your staff.  

Server Room Temperature Monitoring  

The integrity of your equipment in your server room is vital for consistent reliability. For this reason, keeping the environment in which equipment is stored at optimum levels is essential for their longevity. With the help of our wireless monitoring systems, you can assess the levels of various elements to keep the ambient levels.  

Servers and computer equipment working around the clock can quickly cause environments to rise in temperature, which can cause potential fire hazards and put buildings at risk. With data room temperature monitoring, you can track the real-time temperature levels with set parameters to trigger alarms. The data can be accessed via an online platform from anywhere in the world with a designated login.  

Server Room Humidity Monitoring  

High humidity can cause severe issues with the life of electrical equipment and corrode electrical components, putting your equipment at risk of breaking down and failing. This can have significant downtime, resulting in leaving your data centre vulnerable.  

Alternatively, low humidity levels can also spark issues amongst equipment. Dry atmospheres create static which can interfere with vital electrical components, causing them to be subject to damage. It can also transfer to individuals interacting with electronics in the affected area, putting them in danger. 

We offer state-of-the-art wireless humidity monitoring to help you track the levels within your environment accurately. The information collected by our sensors is transferred to our servers and can be accessed remotely from a login. Each login can have multiple authorisation levels, and the system offers a bespoke approach to each client’s needs.  

Offer Your Staff a Comfortable Environment 

Although humidity and temperature monitoring are vital to data centres and server rooms, we also provide various other monitoring equipment to help you give your staff a comfortable workspace. Our temperature monitoring systems can also be installed throughout your cafeteria and kitchen for HACCP compliance 

We are proud of the vast services we can offer to help you create a comfortable and efficient workplace, take a look at what we offer below;  

For more information and to take the first step in improving your workplace efficiency with a server room temperature monitoring device or anything else we have mentioned, enquire online. Our expert staff are always happy to help and answer any questions.  

GeneSysWeb Server Room Monitoring System Components

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