Museum Environmental Monitoring Equipment

Information on the GeneSysWeb Museum Monitoring System

Museums are essential parts of the community. They hold clues to our past and provide exciting insights into our origins. For this reason, we must keep the environment in the best conditions for preserving artefacts for generations to come.

Our wireless monitoring systems can read temperatures, humidity and CO2 levels to ensure that the environment is at optimum levels for preservation.

Why Are Correct Environments Essential in a Museum?

Every element in an environment can have detrimental effects on precious artefacts. The temperature and humidity can have a huge impact.

An environment with high humidity levels can cause many issues, including mould, bug infestations and electrical damage. All these problems can cause unrepairable and costly damage. Keeping these levels to a set parameter can prevent regular maintenance and repairs.

Temperatures that are too high can cause high humidity, so keeping them under control is essential for protecting the environment. We offer temperature and humidity monitoring as part of our museum monitoring systems and can even provide wireless CO2 monitoring to comfort staff and visitors.

Reduce Monitoring Errors With Wireless Monitoring Systems

Manual monitoring is not always efficient in environments requiring keeping the correct level. It can be time-consuming and subject to human error. With our wireless bespoke museum environmental monitoring equipment, you can be sure that levels are measured to the highest of accuracies and require little effort to keep up with regular monitoring.

Our wireless remote monitoring systems can be installed in many locations. They can be fitted in exhibits, locked cases and public areas, and data is collected on our servers which any individual can access with usernames and passwords from a mobile device with an internet connection. This option can allow flexible monitoring across several sites easily.

Parameters can be set to the desired level for each environment’s needs. If measurements pass the perimeters beyond the optimum level, our wireless systems can also alert responsible personnel to take the appropriate action.

Keep Museums Preserved With Automated Data Management

At ADM, we pride ourselves on offering the best service designed around your needs. Working with you, we will create a system that provides the best process of wireless monitoring and can even ensure your equipment to ensure these levels works efficiently with our validation and mapping services.

If you would like to learn more about our wireless systems, take a look through our capabilities pages, or contact the team for any enquiry specific to your industry.

GeneSysWeb Museum Environmental Monitoring System Components

Further detailed information on the components that make up museum environmental monitoring systems can be found below.



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