Occupancy Monitoring

Using GeneSysOM

Desks, meeting rooms and multifunctional breakout areas are just a few of the applications for occupancy monitoring

Optimise your office space and maximise your energy savings. Occupancy sensors can reduce energy waste by as much as 68% and increae energy savings by as much as 60%, according to a new study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

The typical office space utilisation is just 39% – some offices have too much space, whilst others not enough. Our system provides a method to evaluate occupancy and show if space and energy is being utilised effectively, and economically. 

Work patterns are changing. Companies are offering more flexibility to their workforce. Workers now spend less time at their desks and more time moving between meetings, collaborative breakout spaces and video conferencing suites. GeneSysOM helps you understand your workers varying work patterns, respond quickly to their changing needs and adjust your strategy to reduce real estate costs.

Other applications

 GeneSysOM has a compact sensor system that can be placed conveniently below desks or meeting tables. The sensor registers occupancy and provides real-time information through Infra-Red technology. Utilising radio signal for reliability and wireless connectivity for convenience, flexibility and with minimal disruption, it can be installed in a variety of locations from single rooms to open plan offices,  from bed occupancy in care homes and for patient safety in dementia facilities; for security and safety in veterinary hospital facilities.


GeneSysOM System Outline

  • Utilises Infra-Red technology
  • Data received by base stations operating with LAN or GSM
  • Data transmitted utilising radio frequency 433MHz ISM band
  • Pre set selected parameters for breached values generating alarms using email and SMS
  • Transmitters powered by one 3.6v battery, providing up to 5 year battery life
  • System has low battery indicator alarms
  • Internal on board rechargeable batteries providing up to 4 hour operation in the event of mains
    power failure.