Occupancy Monitoring

Using GeneSysOM

Desks, meeting rooms and multifunctional breakout areas are just a few of the applications for occupancy monitoring

What Is Occupancy Monitoring?

Occupancy Monitoring provides a business with real-time information on the occupancy of a workstation, bed or designated space. Using sensors, our bespoke GeneSysOM System can track the movement of an area with an infrared sensor and produce a wireless signal to the base station, which will convert it to readable data transferred through an ethernet connection to a specifically designated server. Through a remote device supported by a sim card and, or an internet connection, you can log in to the server and see your data collected in a format which suits you. Data is received by base stations operating with LAN or GSM, and is transmitted utilising radio frequency 433MHz ISM band.

The transmitters are powered by one 3.6v battery, providing up to 5-year battery life, with a low battery indicator alarm. Our occupancy and room occupancy monitoring system also benefits from internal onboard rechargeable batteries providing up to 4 hours of operation in the event of mains power failure. In addition, if pre-set selected parameter values are breached, the system will generate alarms using email and SMS.


What Are the Benefits of Occupancy Monitoring?

Optimising an office space can maximise your energy savings. Our occupancy sensors (non-contact Infrared thermometers) can reduce energy waste by as much as 68% and increase energy savings by as much as 60%, according to a new study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency. Having access to data which can inform you on the usage of your workspace allows you to monitor the patterns of your workforce, allowing you to utilise your space to its maximum.

The typical office space utilisation is just 39% – some offices have too much space, whilst others do not have enough. Our wireless remote monitoring systems provide a method to evaluate workspace usage and subsequently show if space and energy are being utilised effectively and economically. We also offer various other services to help you maximise your workspace environment, such as our bespoke temperature monitoring systems.


How Can a Room Occupancy System Help a Business?

Work patterns are changing, and companies are offering more flexibility to their workforce. Workers now spend less time at their desks and more time moving between meetings, collaborative breakout spaces and video conferencing suites. The wireless GeneSysOM non-contact infrared monitoring system helps you understand your workers varying work patterns, respond quickly to their changing needs and adjust your strategy to reduce real estate costs.

For example, if operating the management of an office which supports flexible work-from-home, you may wish to be notified when occupancy reaches a certain low level to take action to prevent unnecessary energy usage. Alternatively, with a room occupancy system, you can monitor the use of hotel rooms or even dressing rooms to improve the efficiency of your work.


Which Sectors Could Use an Occupancy Monitoring System?

The kinds of businesses who would benefit from remote facility monitoring as part of their management system are as follows but are not limited to;


  • Room occupancy
  • Table occupancy


  • Room occupancy
  • Bed occupancy
  • Surgery room occupancy
  • Treatment room occupancy


  • Desk occupancy
  • Meeting room occupancy
  • Room occupancy
  • Hot desk monitoring

Plus, so much more. For full details on how this service can help you, contact our helpful team today.




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