Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring

Information on the GeneSysWeb Pharmaceutical temperature monitoring system.

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Being accurate in the pharmaceutical sector is vital. Ensure you install only the most accurate and efficient systems in your workplace with our GeneSysWeb Wireless Monitoring Systems.

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MRHA) guidelines advise that all stages regarding pharmaceutical products must be monitored. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Manufacturing process
  • Storage of products
  • Distribution stages of pharmaceutical products.

Keeping records of temperature and the environment ensures that any facilities involved meet the required standard.

Our bespoke systems are also capable of monitoring a variety of variances;

Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring

All parties involved in the supply chain of pharmaceutical products are required to record and keep details of temperatures during these processes. Whilst manually recording can be an easy solution, there is potential for human error, miscommunication and inaccuracy in the measurement. Our pharmacy temperature monitoring systems can alleviate the anomalies and inaccurate measuring that manual monitoring can provide.

Our sensors use the latest technology to provide the highest readings within customised parameters. The data is then collected and stored electronically within our systems which can be accessed remotely.

With a valid username and login, clients can access their data from anywhere in the world with internet access. There are options for multiple logins to the data, which can offer a range of hierarchical and operational permission levels. The parameters can also notify you of exceeding levels, allowing instant and prompt reactions. The notifications can be sent to any individual within your organisation and can be bespoke to each client’s needs.

CFR 21 Part 11D from the MHRA guidelines applies when records are collected electronically. A key aspect of  CFR 21 Part 11D is its focus on security, particularly in preventing data tampering and identifying specific individuals and events involved in the production and/or data management processes. Our servers are fully protected to ensure the safety of your data and can be printed into an auditable report when needed.

Validation and Mapping of Pharmaceutical Equipment

Are you sure that your equipment within your pharmaceutical business is working as it should? Without equipment providing the assistance it should, to the standard you expect, it isn’t easy to rely on the accuracy and optimum working environments.

We also provide a comprehensive temperature mapping/thermal validation/thermal mapping and validation service for the pharmaceutical industry alongside our wireless monitoring systems.

Our mapping and validation services can give your business the confidence that it is not only complying with the MRHA guidelines but also has equipment working to the best of its capability.

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GeneSysWeb Pharmaceutical Monitoring System Components

Further detailed information on the components that make up pharmaceutical monitoring systems can be found below.



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