HACCP Monitoring Systems

Information on the GeneSysWeb Hospitality Monitoring system

ADM GeneSys Hospitality is a fully automated, wireless food safety monitoring system designed to transform and improve how food and catering businesses work.

ADM GeneSys Hospitality allows the monitoring, recording and audit of food temperatures at multiple points. Our systems enable tracking at various stages of the process;

  • Delivery of food items
  • Storage of food items
  • Preparation of meals
  • Cooking of food
  • Display and delivery to customers

ADM Genesys Hospitality packages provide temperature monitoring systems that can improve monitoring efficiency in restaurants, care homes, or company dining halls. Our customers utilise these to comply with HACCP food temperature regulations.

What Does the GeneSys Hospitality Packages Offer?

Our bespoke wireless systems can provide constancy and efficiency without relying on the accuracy of manual monitoring.

Our automated wireless monitoring systems can offer an array of benefits, listed below;

  • Recording of product delivery temperatures for safety and compliance audits
  • Automatic recording of refrigerated food temperatures
  • An easy sampling of temperatures in salad bars and cooked food
  • Ensures constant safe temperatures of food
  • Alarms for refrigeration breakdown

How can an ADM GeneSys Hospitality Package benefit a business?

Using food temperature wireless monitoring technology, GeneSys Hospitality streamlines food temperature monitoring and safety by providing a record of your food temperatures from delivery to storage to plate, protecting your reputation against spurious claims.

In addition, our bespoke installations provide excellent time-saving and cost reductions by automating the monitoring process. The automatically generated reports, suited for annual audits, assess for accurate food temperatures, with an alarm generation for set parameters allowing immediate remedial actions to be taken if necessary.

A GeneSys Hospitality wireless monitoring system can be a simple and cost-effective solution for HACCP compliance across any sector. All data produced is stored within the ADM servers and is only accessible by unique usernames and passwords.

A business can access our servers from anywhere in the world from any device with access to the internet. We can offer multiple user logins, and operational permissions can be set for each username, giving staff access to what they need without complete control of the entire database.

You can look through each web page for more information about our automated data management systems. Alternatively, feel free to enquire online, and one of our knowledgeable team will get back to you.

GeneSysWeb Hospitality System Components

Further detailed information on the components that make up the Hospitality System can be found below (GeneSysOM, GeneSysTM and GeneSysBP).



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