Humidity Monitoring Systems

Using GeneSysHM

From monitoring organic processes to protecting valuable artefacts in humidity and temperature-sensitive environments, we have a humidity monitoring system for any sector and business.

Why Does Humidity Need Monitoring?

Humidity relates to the levels of moisture and water vapour in the air, and too much or too little can cause devastating effects on buildings, equipment, artefacts and environments. For example, extreme humidity can cause electronic equipment to age faster and mechanical equipment to break down. If humidity is too high, it can also lead to corrosion of equipment, mould growth and even printer jamming. Alternatively, if the humidity is too low, it can lead to problems with static electricity and dehydration, including issues with everything from winemaking to wood storage.

An accurate humidity monitoring system can assist in ensuring that the environment required for individual needs is met and action can be taken quickly to protect. For example, museums and galleries require specific humidity levels to preserve displayed and stored artefacts whilst ensuring comfortable levels for visitors and staff. A remote humidity monitoring system can offer real-time access to data, providing peace of mind that artefacts and valuable items are being preserved at a comfortable level.

How Our Humidity Monitoring Equipment and Sensors Work

Wireless remote monitoring offers the ability to view real-time, historic, correct and incorrect data with the means to manage and control an environment. The Gen-THINT1 sensor is a combined wireless humidity and temperature sensor designed for permanent indoor monitoring of humidity and temperature levels. This humidity monitoring equipment operates in conjunction with the GeneSysWeb Monitoring System and features wireless data transfer and battery operation for reliability and flexibility during installation.

The ability to accurately and consistently know humidity levels is paramount to safety, comfort and health. It is also important to follow industry standards in the production of:

  • Food produce
  • Pharmaceutical medicines
  • Alcohol beverages
  • Chemicals

A wireless humidity monitoring system can assist a business in ensuring these products are manufactured in precise conditions for optimum, safe and efficient outcomes.

The Benefits of Humitidy Monitoring Systems in Sensitive Environments

High humidity levels in warehouses, cold storage, laboratories and antique storage encourages the growth of mildew and mould, which could have detrimental effects. Moisture can damage documents, boxes, wood and upholstery. This is why we offer wireless humidity and temperature monitoring systems to ensure that your business is equipped with the knowledge to act if necessary to protect any sensitive items.

The actions required to prevent these consequences must be taken seriously – we at ADM take it very seriously. Our ADM GeneSysWeb Wireless Monitoring System brings the highest level of competence and quality to a wide range of companies and organisations across various industries, including but not limited to:

  • Scientific
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage manufacturers
  • Healthcare

We offer comprehensive and bespoke wireless monitoring of anything that can disrupt a business or prevent efficiency, including remote water level monitoring, so enquire online today to protect your business and become more efficient.



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