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System Upgrade – Constantly Evolving to Ensure We Keep Our Clients Protected.

GeneSysWeb Upgrade 
Live monitoring with alerts to keep you informed wherever you are in the world. Eliminating manual checks and paperwork.

Here at ADM we have been working hard on developing a new system ‘The GeneSysWeb’, allowing us to bring you the latest technology with new and improved features.

GeneSysWeb has been a long time in planning and testing, but we think that this new system is an ideal fit for a wide range of monitoring requirements, and so do the clients who already have it installed!

Our new GeneSysWeb system offers 4 hour battery backup within the logger and repeaters, plus a 5 year battery on all the sensors; ensuring that if your site loses power, internet or someone unplugs something they shouldn’t, the integrity of your essential data will be stored for when you get back up and running.

We now manufacture in Britain which has allowed us to proudly become members of ‘MADE IN BRITAIN’. By joining ‘Made In Britain’ we are making it clear to our clients, and potential clients that we manufacture our products in the UK to a very high quality.

If you’ve had your current ADM GeneSys system for some time, by upgrading to the new GeneSysWeb system your business or facility can benefit from the new features designed into GeneSysWeb.

Your current system may not be supported in the future, so contact our Team who are happy to discuss the system benefits and the process of upgrading.

The system is available now so don’t get left behind.

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Have you heard about our BluProbe & HACCP Solution?

Handheld probes to take on-demand core or surface temperatures. With a variety of applications eliminating paperwork.
3 Easy to use modules to make your kitchen paperless

Easy and accurate taking of temperatures and storing of the sampled temperatures on our offsite secure servers, for blast chillers, hot/cold holding
and cooking temperatures, dishwasher temperatures, plus short process such as Sous Vide and Pasteurisation.

Deliveries have never been simpler, select the supplier name, scan the delivery note and take the temperature.

We can create an online version of any paper-based system you currently use, including daily, weekly and monthly task reports
All produced reports are accessible from anywhere in the world providing visibility and traceability at all times.

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BluProbe Paperless Temperature & HACCP Recording with tablet and software


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