CO2 Monitoring

Using GeneSysGM

CO² monitoring is vital to some environments and is becoming more and more important in many everyday activities

These measurements do not refer to the increased outdoor CO² levels, frequently discussed in public debates. There is a growing need to check and control the indoor CO² levels in our perfectly isolated, but often badly ventilated areas, such as our homes, restaurants, offices, schools and hospitals.

Although the gas cannot be observed and is virtually imperceptible, CO² may vastly influence our performance and well-being. A high CO² level often results in discomfort, headaches and diminished concentration. Additionally, a prolonged and frequented stay in areas with high CO² concentration may eventually cause Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and allergies.

The Gen-CO²/2/5 sensor is a wireless CO² and temperature sensor, designed for permanent indoor monitoring of the CO² level and temperature. The sensor features a wireless data transfer and battery operation.

The ADM GeneSysWeb Monitoring System, utilising the combined CO² and temperature sensors, provides a correct working environment for schools, office buildings, hospitals, etc. The system will provide real time data, and alarm generation should safety levels be breached, allowing instant decisions regarding what corrective safety actions to carry out.