Monitoring temperature and humidity is very important. Temperature and humidity play an important part in health, comfort and productivity.

Extreme humidity and temperature can cause electronic equipment to age faster and mechanical equipment to break down.

Museums and galleries are a case in specific where humidity and temperature are required to be monitored in order to maintain and control the environment, for both displayed and stored artefacts as well as the public areas for comfort of the environment.

If humidity is too high it can lead to corrosion of equipment, mould growth — even printers jamming!

If the humidity is too low it can lead to problems with static electricity and dehydration, including problems with everything from wine making to wood storage.

The Gen-78hhax sensor is a combined wireless humidity and temperature sensor, designed for permanent indoor monitoring of humidity and temperature levels, and operates in conjunction with the GeneSysWeb Monitoring System. The sensor features wireless data transfer and battery operation.